Coordinator of the social, cultural and educational
Long-standing experience in the logistics industry. Deep knowledge of the Sicilian territory. Currently he employed as Recreation Actvities Specialist at Naval Air Station Sigonella. President of the Sicilian delegation of Alternativa Libera.


President of Gela delegacy
Degree in Economics. Long experience in management and organizational analysis. He led, for over a decade, educational departement of the University of Catania in Gela. Currently responsible for the Control of management in Gela, he collaborated with the Stimulus accounting firm with respect to procedures bankruptcy receivership. Creator of the DIGIT association with which organizes cultural and political events.


Cooperation and development
Graduate in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Catania. Employee UNHC, High Commissioner of UN for the Rights of Refugees in Catania and in secular or religiousassociation in Pozzallo and Ispica where she worked among other things, as assistent to children with special regard to the situation of migrants in Sicily. It has international experience in Spain and Madagascar.


Sanitary advisor
Specialist in Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. She graduated and specialised at the University of Catania. During the years of specialization she moved to France, where she collaborated with leading surgeons, and complemented her training becoming. Specialist in microsurgery at the prestigious Ecole de Chirurgie, Université Paris 13 (diploma interuniversitaire, DIU, tecniques Microchirurgicales). At the same time, she dedicated herself to the study of anatomy for the development of new minimally invasive techniques for head and neck surgery and was granted a DIU from the University of IHL Université Paris 5 Rene Descartes. Dr Cavarra has also worked as a senior consultant in several Sicilian hospitals and in private practices as a plastic surgeon.


International relations
Managing Editor at Global Risk Insights, an online publication providing timely, insightful analysis on political events shaping business, economic, and investment climates in every corner of the world. He graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a degree in International Politics and a certificate in Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs. Following his degree, he joined Avascent, the leading consulting firm operating in government-driven sectors like defense and space, where he currently works as an analyst between Washington and London. Nico has professional fluency in English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.