London Migration Film Festival. 11-13 Nov 2016

We like it. Migration is often relegated into the corners of the film industry, with films that solely focus on negative experience of displacement. Our aim is to portray the diversity, nuance and subjective experience within migration – in order to restore the dignity and humanity inherent within it.


We aim to increase awareness of migratory experiences through an inclusive and varied programme of migration-related films. We also hope to raise the profile of migrant-filmmakers in order to give a platform for migration-related discussion, support and action. We hope to reach out to a wide range of audiences in order to help migration gain footing within mainstream arts within London and beyond. Now, more than ever, a fuller understanding of the implications of migration and displacement are needed in order to understand the world we live in, how it may be changing, and our role within it.

The LMFF will take place over 3 days from 11-13 November 2016 in several venues in southeast London, including Deptford Cinema and Buster Mantis. 7 or more feature length films will be screened as part of the festival, along with a number of shorts. Between films there will be panel discussions with academics, artists, practitioners, and migrants exploring themes raised by the films. We will have several informal music, workshop and social events as well that allow time for people to learn, meet one another and create an invlusive space of celebration: these will take place Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday over brunch and at further times to be announced.

Your funds will be used to make the London Migration Film Festival happen. They will be spent on:

Film licenses/distribution rights for 7+ feature films
DVDs/Bluerays of the 7+ feature films
Promotional materials (posters, flyers, printing materials, graphic designer reimbursement)
Musician expenses (for 1-3 bands)
Expenses for panel speakers (travel costs)
Miscellaneous expenses
Any revenue raised through the festival will be used to support Akwaaba, a small charity providing weekend drop-in and advice services to refugees and migrants in Hackney, London.

Please fund us to make the London Migration Film Festival a reality! Without you, it might remain but a dream. Only 40 days to give from now…–3/x/14938161#/

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