Partnership agreement with ISMU

Emma Averna. MSE has signed a partnership agreement with FONDAZIONE ISMU – Initiatives and studies on Multiethnicity – in Milan.

The aim is to network the subjects of the Third Sector and Research Centers and the institutions in order to make common actions in the territory more effective.

ISMU Foundation since 1993 is dedicated to research and intervention for the transformation of society. ISMU believes that dialogue favors the recognition and promotion of the fundamental rights of every individual. It deals with migratory phenomena, spreading a correct knowledge proposing effective responses in this regard.

ISMU means independent scientific research, education, training and intervention. Because the understanding of the world in which we live also passes through the study and analysis of the causes and reasons that underlie social phenomena. Because the meeting between cultures is an opportunity of the global era.

ISMU collaborates with government institutions at national and European level, local administrations, social and health agencies, schools of all levels, universities, Italian and foreign scientific research centers, national and international foundations, libraries and documentation centers, agencies international and diplomatic representations, associations of the third sector, companies and trade associations.

The common objective of MSE and ISMU is therefore to promote and protect equal opportunities, with particular attention to minors and unaccompanied foreign minors and 18-year-olds. To do this the intent is to

– act in concert with a view to joint planning of interventions and coordinating initiatives to promote integration into the territory by pooling resources from the various sources of funding available

– enhancing the territorial planning of Lombardy and Sicily, also by strengthening the organization of the network.

– guarantee the exchange of experiences in progress, documentation, materials, research

– coordinate to optimize the dissemination of research data and projects