Partnership agreement with ODA

Emma Arnea. MSE has signed a partnership agreement with Opera Assitenza Diocesana in Catania.

The Work carries out health care and social assistance activities for minors and particular categories of non self-sufficient people. It does so by managing and setting up health care facilities for people with mental, elderly and disabled disabilities.

The ODA also has among its statutory purposes the promotion and development of training activities for people with disabilities and, more generally, in conditions of fragility and, moreover, the conduct of scientific research activities and professional guidance on labor market issues and training needs related to it.

MSE and ODA are committed to each other, within the scope and in compliance with the specificities and institutional aims, according to their respective regulations and to the extent of their competence, to promote, develop and consolidate opportunities and collaborative initiatives in the following areas:

– Cooperation and training, educational, educational, cultural and work development for minors and neo-eighteen in conditions of social hardship and disadvantage

-Activation of extra-curricular routes for Opera users and for minors in conditions of distress of the territory;

– Exchange, design, implementation and communication of best practices and educational-educational-training models to contrast the phenomena of school abandonment, deviancy, marginalization, and of everything that represents a factor of exclusion from normal participatory processes within the company

– Collection, study, dissemination of data and results in matters of social hardship

– Acquisition of funding opportunities and obtaining information on projects / project ideas based on public and / or private tenders.